Make yourself at home!

Make yourself
at home!

The Home of Tomorrow was planned as a temporary project and now stays closed. This space will soon welcome a new initiative - Scandinavian Home. 

The Home of Tomorrow is a place where you will see how to make your home live with full respect for nature. You will learn about the new role of houseplants. You will find new, efficient ways to process waste. You will regenerate yourself with light and try the zero waste cuisine. You can even work towards a real change in your city. All of that in a single unique location that will stay in Szczecin until the opening of IKEA store. Why have we created the Home of Tomorrow?

Why have we created the Home of Tomorrow?

Why have we created the Home of Tomorrow?

Everything starts at home. This is where we eat, rest, play and learn. This is also where our habits are formed. You might think that what we do at home ends there and stays behind closed doors. But this is far from true.
What we do at home is hugely reflected in the surrounding world. As early as half way through the year, we start living at the expense of our planet. Why is that so? Because this is when we have already used the natural resources intended for the whole year. Every year the Earth Overshoot Day falls earlier than before. We can change that, starting from some changes in our own home. 
brought to life – to inspire changes and shape new habits, ones that have a positive impact on our planet. All of that for next generations to enjoy a better future. A future that has to be green. 

Open to everyone

Open to everyone

There are many reasons to visit us. You can change the world by joining our project for wasteless future or you can just pop in. How to find us?

There’s always something going on

There’s always something going on

The Home of Tomorrow hosts workshops, meetings and open discussions with local authorities and activists. However, due to the pandemy we have limited our activity. For the time being workshops are suspended and we can invite fewer people to our space. 


Join our project and say “no” to waste.

Join our project and say “no” to waste.

The Home of Tomorrow is also a place for a new social initiative for wasteless future. It is based on collaborative development of solutions that will help reduce waste at home and in our city. Join us! Change the world for a greener place and bring about a change in Szczecin!

Fix it yourself!

Fix it yourself!

In our Creative Zone, you will find tools to repair and modify household equipment. Under the watchful eye of experienced carpenters and designers, you will learn to renovate worn-out furniture, giving it a second life.

Come co-create a better future with us

Come co-create a better future with us

What if we could change the living of tomorrow to something better? At IKEA we want to co-create new products and services, to explore new and more meaningful ways for us all to live our lives at home.

In IKEA Home of Tomorrow we’ve teamed up with Click and Grow, an IKEA partner, to explore how we can make indoor gardening solutions available to the many - in your home, in your community, at your local restaurant and IKEA store. 

Come join us and experience how we can produce more, better and fresher food using less.


Make a change. Start with a kitchen

Make a change. Start with a kitchen

The nearest future can start right here, in our Planning Space. IKEA employees will tell you how to make your kitchen (and, consequently, your whole house) more friendly towards the planet and its resources. They will help you create a design of a practical and functional kitchen, regardless of its size. Check it out for free!

Get some sunshine… indoors

Get some sunshine… indoors

This zone is illuminated by the Home Sun, an installation that imitates sunlight. It will help you rest and get an extra boost of energy. Another installation, made of 100 TRÅDFRI light bulbs, will let you experience the effects of light colours on your body and the surroundings.

Discover the secrets of homegrown plants

Discover the secrets of homegrown plants

We grow plants, insects and fungi in a sustainable manner. All edible and healthy! On our farm we use spirulina, i.e. a very small algae whose shape resembles a spiral. This might sound a little exotic but you can apply all these solutions at home, even within a small space. Below you can find guidelines that will help you create your first home farm.

Metabolism of the Home of Tomorrow

Metabolism of the Home of Tomorrow

Our planet’s resources are becoming exhausted. This is why here at Home of Tomorrow nothing can go to waste! For us, waste is much more than just waste. It is a material that can be used in many situations. For example, coffee grounds are composted, and the compost is used as a fertiliser for plants.

See our metabolic processes

Let’s start with coffee.


gives the energy to act

but leaves grounds.

We use them to make candles and cosmetics.

We also use them for our fungi farm

to produce bioplastic.

They can also be composted.

In the composter, they are subject to aerobic digestion

to serve as a fertiliser later on.

They help trees in the garden

and plants in the Home of Tomorrow to grow.

They can also help your own plants as our guests are welcome to take some compose home.


gives our plants the energy to grow;

this also applies to spirulina.

Spirulina is an algae whose shape resembles a spiral. It serves a number of functions for us.

It transforms carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen.

It is also a valuable food, offering three times more protein than meat.

Our fish appreciate that, as well;

when digesting spirulina, they produce a fertiliser

for our plants.

Plants clean the water for fish

and become an addition to our dishes. 

And food is ...


Waste. For us, it is a valuable material.

Paper waste is used to get ... 


We combine it with seeds and use for our crops.

Plastic waste

is reused

and we come up with new applications for it.

Organic waste

is also used in multiple ways. 

We get compost from it –

a perfect fertiliser for houseplants

and gardens. 

We are in the heart of Szczecin